Poem of the day: The Vandals.


Winsala Muses.
Edmund Obilo
Winsala Muses.

I know this man,
He is lanky,
The Land he leads smells of the stench of the dead,
His Army is weak, yet he loves to be a General,
They shout Corruption, yet their,   values are increasingly corrupt.

I thought he would bring the Stars,
But he has brought darkness upon the Land.

He is not the person I dreamt,
I thought he would unite the Land and rain a Future of Hope.

He is planning a feast to celebrate victory over those he aided with hunger and death.
I hear you plan to attend and join in the dance.
Count me out!

Nothing development comes out of narrow minds,
They set fire on those things that elevate,
They are like the dry trees of Tariri.

The day will come and the people will find their strength.

©Edmund Obilo.

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