The Last t of Us.


The Last of Us
The Last of Us.
Adebari Olasubomi.


“Kai, just the brother I want to see” “hey wadap Seba, hope you good man” “yeah, I am. But why do you look so gloomy” “mum got me pissed off today again brav” Kai demonstrated his frustration In so many ways and Seba understood. Seba was a 19 years old young lad in the community and was just a year ahead of Kai. The whole group of 5 soon met up at their usual place which was the wrecked bridge a couple of blocks away from Seba’s house. Their usual spot was hidden so no one saw the little shenanigans that went on when the group was there. Eti, Emana and Juan soon joined seba and Kai at the bridge. “Hey Kai, what did your ma do this time” “man she’s so full of her self, she don’t think about me brave, I’m telling you. I always have to do her own things” “I don’t think so Kai, your ma is the nicest person in this community, how can you Say that about her Eti said with an expression of shock as to how Kai spoke of his mother. ” you don’t know anything, she just acts that way so you can see. I am the one in her house, i see the true her. She didn’t even want me to come to see you guys.” the whole group paid rapt attention as Kia went on and on about how bad he feels when he thinks of the things Mzazi does to him. Eti could have sworn that the person in question could never be Kai’s mother. “Alright alright brothers lets just forget this and talk about something else” Seba tried to make the tensed atmosphere calm. “so has everyone paid for the academy yet, Looks like every kid in this community is going to that place.” Seba asked again to get them into a conversation they have been happy to discuss about all year. Everyone gave signals and statement of approvals and even Kai joined in and lied that he had paid the required fees. How he was going to make sure he wasn’t found out bothered his mind till Emana said something that caught his attention. “I heard that Kira is also going to be at the academy.” “are you serious?” Seba questioned the certainty of Emana’s claim. Kira was the daughter of the factory owner in the community; Sir Makorov. He was the most successful provider of medicine for the entire community and probably the richest man within the borders of the community. They all knew that her father could afford to send her to a better school across the border but why she didn’t chose that option remained a question that was left unanswered.

“careful Mzazi, that knife could hurt you.” “don’t worry my child am used to this knife, it’s what i use all the time” “hmm alright ma, but I still get scared the way you chop the Green pepper with that knife” Mzazi was amazed at the level of care and concern that Amani was showing to her. She was a very nice girl who had no home but was still no trouble, she went from house to house to help out with some chores and hoped that she could get money or something to eat. She was very helpful and everyone in the community accepted her way of life.

“when are you going to tell him? ” Mzazi asked.” what do you Mean ma?” Amani was perplex at what Mzazi asked. Mzazi put on a little smile and looked Amani in the face. “Don’t you think I know?” Amani raise her left brow, a sign that she wasn’t quite on the same page as Mzazi. “I see the way you look at Kai, you like him don’t you?” Amani became quite. It was pointless trying to deny. “Is it that obvious ma?” “no it’s not child, but I can tell when my kind is in love with someone.” “hmm, you are right ma.” Mzazi dropped the knife she was holding and went over to the other side of the table and held Amani. Her scar was glaring, Amani could not look for long as it was indeed a terrible sight to behold. “listen child, you cannot expect him to be sensitive to you. You should let him know how you feel.” “ma, he would even listen to me, and I think he likes someone else” “and who can that be?” “Kira, daughter of the factory owner” Mzazi took a deep breath, suspicious at the time. She lifted her head and drew Amani closer. She waited to think hard about what she just heard. She could not say what or why, but she knew that something wasn’t right with Kai. “listen my child, you tell Kai how you feel, if accepts you or not, at least you tried. Man’s greatest regret is not trying at all. Talk to him, he will listen to you.” “ I will try but I am scared of his reaction to me. Even if he does like me, he might not treat the issue well” “Amani, look at you child. You feel pain when you see him and you can’t just talk to him. What do you have to lose? Just try anyway.” “hmm.. Okay Mzazi I will.” “good of you child. Now help me finish these up” the two continued as the knifes clattered against the wooden boards. Amani then curiously asked “buh ma why is the soup this much? This is more than a regular day’s delivery.” “I will be taking the soups to the factory today” “the factory? but why m?” “i need the extra money, Kai’s fees to the academy is due and I have to meet up with it today” “but Kai said…” “yes Amani, I know what Kai said. He thinks I don’t have his academy fees in mind but I have been saving these past months for it and today is the final day, I have to get the money.” Amani could not believe, Kai was clearly speaking from a an evident point of view that Mzazi didn’t have the money for his fees, but this was a different version to the story “But why does he treat you that way Mzazi. Why does he show so much hate to you” “it’s a long story Amani.” And yet again the atmosphere went cold “He thinks I was the reason his father died.” Mzazi paused to catch her breath, the painful memories began to flood back again. “did you tell him the truth” Amani asked we a sincere level of curiosity. “no, I couldn’t. The pain was too much to let my only child share in it. I write the truth about everything in my journal that I place under my pillow. I just hope one day he will know I do all I do because of him. Little drops of tears began to flow from her eyes once more and Amani held it with her questions. “don’t worry ma, he will one day, I know he will” “thank you my child. Common let’s finish these up” “yes Mzazi”

To be continued…​
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