The Last of Us.


The Last of Us
The Last of Us.
Adebari Olasubomi.


The night breeze said hi while the light-loud sky said bye. He watched her from the other side of the block how she spoke to the man at the flower stand that she wanted a rose. He could have just raced over there to help her make the purchase but his pocket tugged him and told him to stay put. She was the product of the morning sky, a glimpse of the beauty of sunset at the river bank. One could weep for him the way he stared at her. Like he was locked up in a cage of love and he was begging never to be released. She was one of the few fair skinned girls in the community, her body was smooth and it was no surprise because she was the daughter of a renowned physician. Her face was incredible with every detail of beauty crafted to perfection. From her cute cat eyes to her gentle lips of red. She was perfect. He remembered how his friends talked about her and how she could give a lad a Boner without even trying. And in truth, he was already filling the effect of staring too long.

Soon she was done and was leaving with her rose, then she noticed how he stared and she could not just ignore; stalker alert! He noticed she was looking, but it was too late to turn and look the other way. He made a wave and she smiled again raising her hand to wave back and just then.

“Kai! Will you wake up son, You have work to do, get up and start cleaning. Just look at your room, its a mess son!” Kai could have just jumped out of the bed to beat Mzazi, his mother to num. He could have sworn his dream was just getting started and he was loving it. “oh God, mother I have heard you, I will be there in a minute” Kai rolled his eyes and struggled to get out of bed. The morning was the worst part of any day for Kai. He knew he had so much to do since it was just himself and his mother. Kai had no memory of his father, lost him when he was too young to remember and his mother never spoke about him; Kai could only wonder why. He thought maybe she was ashamed of the kind of man he was but Kai was so skeptical about his mother. Mzazi had a terrible scar running from her left cheek through her neck and extending throughout her left arm. This was something Kai was embarrassed about, he never knew why his mother was so unattractive on the outside. Kai never grew up to know a good father nor a beautiful mother.

“Kai, Please will you help me turn the soup, we have so much we need to deliver before the day ends.” “Alright mother but am not helping you to deliver them.” “why wouldn’t you help me Kai?” “i will be busy today mother, I have to be with my friends” “But i need you here Kai” “No mother! Everything has to be about what you want! Nobody else but yourself, when I wake up in the morning the only thing I have to do are your duties, you don’t even ask me how I am and how my night went, all of my friends tell me how much their parents care so much, I see them play around in the street and all I can do is watch them form the miserable shed you set up in front of my father’s house to sell your soup. You don’t care if I am happy or not mother.” “Kai!” Mzazi said loud as she was shocked how Kai was speaking “its the truth mother, it’s never about me. And besides the fees that I told you are due this coming week have already been paid by my friends but you are yet to say anything about it mother. You don’t care and I know it!.you are just so about yourself and nobody else matters, if its not about your soup it’s never important. You are said to have the best soup in this community but I think You heart is the worst.”

Life of Thomas da Silva.
Life of Thomas da Silva.
By: Winsala Gbotemi.

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“Kai! how can you talk like that to Mzazi.” the female voice of one of the young girls in the community, Amani, cried out with a little show of disgust. She had be there for a while listening to how Kai was speaking to his mother. She felt bitter. Kai walked out of the shed and stormed off to God knows where. “where are you going Kai, come back and apologize to her.” “Mind your business orphan, that’s why your parents are dead in the first place” “Kai!” Mzazi’s voice screamed out as her eyes were full with tears waiting to run down her cheeks. Amani rushed into the shed to help her up and give her some comfort. “sorry Mzazi, he didn’t mean all those things, his just upset.” Mzazi kept on sobbing “He hates me, no matter what I do, he thinks I don’t love him.” Amani couldn’t control it, seeing a woman, over 5 decades old running down in so much tears in a short period of time was not a good sight to behold. She dragged her close and held her tight. Mzazi was a kind woman to everyone but she wondered why Kai never saw the good in her. “May I ask Mzazi?” “Go on my child” “why don’t you even shout or scold him?”. Mzazi lifted her head for a moment and went back in tears again. “it not a story I like to talk about Amani” “it’s okay ma, I understand. I will go find him later and see if I can talk to him.” “Please Amani, help me, I don’t want to lose my son” “Stop crying Mzazi. its too early in the morning and I promise, you won’t.” “Thank you Amani” “it’s alright ma, let me help you and get this done, it looks like a lot of work.”

To be continued…

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