My Diary 10-03-2018 (Law of Difference).

Law of Difference.

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My Diary.

I know it has been a while, but I’ve been so busy with my bachelor thesis. Today I want to shed more light on something very metaphysical I came across of recent, as i would be doing, subsequent weekends.

It is titled ‘Seven Ways to Create Uncommon Success,’  originally created by Mike Murdock. Murdock highlighted seven laws to create uncommon success, and i would be discussing them one after the other in subsequent weekends, as it pertains to me, or from my level of understanding. But for today I would be disscusing the ‘Law of Difference.’

Definition of Law

Definition of Difference

This the state or relation of being different; dissimilarity. This is also an instance or point of unlikeness or dissimilarity. A significant change in or effect on a situation. Or the degree to which one person or thing differs from another.


I have written countless of times that the spiritual controls the physical, via various forms of publications and genres of writing. This is so, because I found this to be very true and real, although we are all slaves to our philosophical mindset, be not as it may, nothing is known for certain. But I choose to believe so.

Beyond the ordinary, there are a lot of permutations and combinations a living being should make in other to live an extraordinary life. This permutations and combinations aren’t governed by the physical undertones of hardwork, consistency and diligence.

A man should create his own luck, because only a fool would believe in the existence of luck. What separatees a successful man from a failure is opportunity. And opportunity is not a function of the physical undertones highlighted above, but a function of ‘Grace‘ given to the undeserving by the Invulnerable Being.

What this physical undertones does is to keep and maintain the opportunity/opportunities at your disposal. In other words, ‘hardwork actually works.’ But hardwork, diligence and consistency wouldn’t give you the opportunity you so much desire in life, and that is why there are so many rough diamonds and people with potentials around the world, waiting to be discovered.

But while reading Mike Murdock’s work, I discovered that although opportunities comes from the Invulnerable Being, He has given man the enablement to create our opportunities via the Law of Difference.

It is no gainsaying that, ‘what makes you different, makes you needed.’ Evey man has something to offer the world, and this ‘something‘ makes us different from one another. It is unexplainable, and metaphysical.

There are no two of the same kind, even identical twins have differences. Every man is born with a hidden talent/talents or gift/gifts. This talent or talents is what I describe to be ‘a man’s purpose.’ Because the gift of a  man maketh a way for him.

The moment you discover your purpose in life, that moment you’ve discovered what makes you different. And what makes you different makes you needed. 

In conclusion, one has to constantly nuture and develop ones difference, in other to be perpetually indispensable. But note, your purpose in life might be identical to someone else’s purpose, you must endeavor to rebrand, package and own your difference, because nobody can ever do what do, better than the way you do it. It is either it is better or worse.

To my valued readers, I want to say thank you for your  continuous support thus far, Winsala Muses would be clocking one March 20. And I want to solicit for your  unmitigated support in the coming year.

Secondly, before the end of this month, my new series ‘Life of Thomas da Silva’ would be premiering, all things being equal. It is going to be a blast, and it would be published every week night. But it would be pointless if you guys don’t read it, the story is entails a lot of romance, intrigue, suspense and determination. The story talks about the life of a Nigerian writer, Thomas da Silva.

Lastly, all things being equal, I would be launching an online fashion store and custom made tailoring services that majors in Adire and Atiku attires. I solicit for your intended patronage. Jones Monique is a baby company of Winsala Muses.

From my end, it is a beautiful Saturday morning, good morning and happy weekend, I love you guys.

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