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Lt Colonel Gowon:Good day all, members of the supreme military council, military governors amd our host lieutenant General Ankrah, I hope you all had a pleasant stay and rest yesterday.

Lt Colonel Ejoor:Yes colonel Gowon,gold coast has a rather chilly atmosphere compared to Nigeria.

Lt Colonel Hassan:(looks at Ejoor) oh! you felt that too, I thought I was the only one.

Lt Colonel Gowon:(smiles) Now to business gentlemen, our next point of discussion should be to consider the best form of Government administration to suit the country.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:I think it would be needless for there to be a change in the council that holds on to the legislative and executive authority.It would be best they remain in the SMC or what do you think?

Lt Colonel Ejoor:I would agree with colonel Ojukwu, I think the supreme military council should hold arms to be in charge of any decisions affecting the whole country.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:EXACTLY.

Lt Colonel Gowon:Does anyone have anything against that motion?

Lt Colonel Hassan:No, not at all.I’m personally okay with that.

Lt Colonel Gowon:That means we have agreed that appointments to senior ranks in police, diplomatic and consular services as well as appointments to super scale posts in the federal civil service and posts in statutory co-operations must be approved by the supreme council.

Major Mobolaji:(In unison) Yes

Lt Colonel Gowon:Alright (Pauses and pens down some notes) Next we would need to discuss about…….about the decrees or provisions of decrees passed since 15th January 1966.

Lt Colonel Hassan:I think there might be need to alter some of those decrees gentlemen.

Lt Colonel Ejoor:I don’t agree with you colonel Hassan, it may create more issues than solve problems.

Lt Colonel Hassan:(getting exasperated) In what way?

Lt Colonel Ejoor:If there is a sudden change in what used to be, it may lead to sabotage of mutual confidence between regions.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:(Nodding slowly) Hmmn! I think colonel Ejoor has a point.

Major Mobolaji:Yes, he’s got a point.

Lt Colonel Hassan:(Cynically) Okay

Lt Colonel Gowon:Do you really accept the motion colonel Hassan?

Lt Colonel Hassan:Ah! I have nothing to do than accept, the vote is carried by the majority.

Lt Colonel Gowon:Okay then. (reading a text) So we have agreed that one, Army is to be governed by the SMC under a chairman to be known as commander in chief of the armed forces. Two, Military headquarters shall be established comprising equal representation from all regions and headed by a chief of staff.Three, Area commands shall be established and headed by an area commander.four, military governors will have control over area commands to beef up internal security. five, any decision affecting the whole country must be determined by the supreme military council. six, the law officers of the federation should meet at dahomey on the 14th of january and list all decrees and provision of decrees so that they may be repeated not later than 21st of january.

Lt Colonel Hassan:How about soldiers involved in the disturbances?

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:(looking at Hassan) quite a large number are in custody and……..

Lt Colonel Hassan:(cuts in) I’m aware colonel Ojukwu, what’s going to happen to them Nzeogwu and the likes is our bone of contention.

Lt Colonel Ejoor:Maybe it’s for the head of state to determine

Lt Colonel Hassan:No oh! we must agree on a date to determine their fate.

Lt Colonel Gowon:Alright gentlemen, I have made the decision that the fate of the detained soldiers should be determined not later than the end of this month. Are we all okay with that?

Lt Colonel Hassan:(in the hausa ascent) Ehen, that’s right colonel Gowon.

Lt Colonel Gowon:(starting at his text) Next, we need to con-si-der………alright consider the question of resumption of the ad hoc constitutional committee and acceptance of it’s september 1966 recommendation.

Major Mobolaji:The recommendation cannot be talked about in this meeting, I think a later meeting of the SMC should be considered.

Lt Colonel Hassan:Major Mobolaji, I think that’s true; you have a point there major.

Lt Colonel Gowon:But what about resumption of sittings?

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:I think it is important the ad hoc committee resumes sittings as soon as possible to begin from where they stopped or what do you think gentlemen?

Lt Colonel Ejoor:I agree with you sir Ojukwu.

Lt Colonel Gowon:Alright, with that gone, i would want us to talk about people that have been severely affected by these chaos because they also have lives just like we do

Major Mobolaji:Yes they do.

Lt Colonel Ejoor:I think it’s all for the federal arm to take care of the wellbeing of these people and strengthen their relationship with one another.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:(Nodding slowly) On the contrary colonel Ejoor; for now I don’t think intermingling of easterners and northerners would be feasible.

Lt Colonel Hassan:I quite agree with you colonel Ojukwu. Their relationship have been severely strained.

Major Mobolaji:Yes infact this has lead to the sudden increase in the population of people in the west.

Lt Colonel Gowon:How about military Governors of the east, west and mid-west sending representatives to analyze and discuss the problems of these displaced persons.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:That would be highly appreciated.

Lt Colonel Ejoor:Even to curb the menace of unemployment, I had to force all no mid-westerners working in the private sector to quit hence making room for mid westerners to flock in.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:How do you cater for the population increase in your region Major Mobolaji?

Major Mobolaji:I don’t even have a clue for now.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:In the last resort, I think easterners in the west and mid west send the concerned easterners back to the east if not, we may be having a war to fight with resettlement. I can assure this council that the order of easterners leaving the eastern region would be kept under constant review.

Lt Colonel Gowon:On the question of government information media, I propose that all information media should be restrained from making derogatory statements that cause embarrassment to various governments in the federation.

Lt Colonel Hassan:That’s true colonel, I would go with you.

Lt Colonel Ojukwu:(In unison) YES

Lt Colonel Gowon:So at this, we have come to the end of this meeting and I pray the federal republic of Nigeria be made a place of peace upon agreements reached at this meeting. I want to thank on behalf of my colleagues the head of state of the gold coast lieutenant general Ankrah for making for us a home away from home.I also want to thank Governors of various regions for making our stay here worthwhile and fruitful.

Lt General Ankrah:(moves to the conference table) I would love to express my sincere pleasure at the successful outcome of the meetings and decisions taken by the Nigerian leaders for their implementation. I would like all seated here to stay back as we toast to the successful outcome of the meeting and a better and peaceful Nigeria.
(Bottles of champagne and glasses are brought to the conference table)

Lt General Ankrah:(Raising his glass) To a peaceful and better Nigeria.
(Attendees clink glasses in cheers and drinks up as the curtain falls)

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A True Story.

March 5, 2018


March 5, 2018

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