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Episode 5

So today is tryouts and I’m fully prepared…really don’t know about the other girls trying out but I am.

“Mel!…hun?…come down for breakfast, don’t want you being late for school and don’t forget to pack your tryouts stuff…call your sister to come down too” mom shouted from downstairs.

“Coming mom!”I shouted back. I did as mom said and packed everything. I knocked on the Aimee’s door and went downstairs for breakfast to meet mom and dad already seated.

“Hi mom, hi dad…” I greeted them and pulled a chair and sat down as Aimee entered. Breakfast was  different, coffee for mom and dad as usual but mom had made Tomato toast with macadamia ricotta and some egg muffins with fruits something she hardly made.

“Hey mom…dad…” Aimee greeted giving each of them a kiss.

“Good morning girls” dad said.

“So…our next door neighbour brought over some fruits and I invited them over for dinner” mom said. So that’s where the fruits are from. Aimee and I eyed each other.

“Mom!” I nearly shouted.

“Oh yeah…and Mel, I found out their son goes to your school…don’t know if you know him” she continued.


“Don’t worry, you will get along just fine” she said sweetly as I stared at her, I hated it whenever she uses that tone on me.

“Really, mom?” I said rolling my eyes.

“Oh baby, I’m ju…” she started.

“Honey, let the girls be, let them find their own friends, alright?” dad stepped in for me.

“Oh Mel, so sorry…but that doesn’t stop the fact that they are coming over for dinner” she said. Knowing my mom, she acts like a kid sometimes, especially when she finds out something interesting and sets her mind to it, it’s impossible to get her to change her mind.

Mom volunteered to drop us off at school, while she was moving out of the garage, I caught sight of Todd leaving the house on his bicycle. Unfortunately, mom saw him too.

“Guess he’s the one, I should probably drop him off too” she said pressing the car horn.

“Mom, give her some space” Aimee defended me, “and it too early to make such noise” she added looking at mom.

“Alright…alright…seems everyone is ganging up on me today…hey…come on, let me drop you off too!” mom called out to him.

“It’s okay Mrs…” he stopped

“ Smith…Mrs Smith” my mom said smiling.

“Right, Mrs Smith… don’t worry, I can make it in time and…” he suddenly stopped when he noticed me in the car. He looked kind of shocked and it showed on his face.

“Uuummm…hi” I forced a smile trying to hide my face. This day couldn’t get any worse, I thought to myself.

“So, I take it that you both know each other…hop in, sweetie” my mom said, grinning. OMG…I thought as I turned to look at my sister as Todd entered the car. The ride to school was so quiet just my mom trying to get Todd in a conversation which wasn’t fruitful and finally gave up. We pulled up on the school driveway and Todd and I got down leaving Aimee in the car.

“Bye darling…bye Todd” mom said as we got down. As we walked towards the hallway I could feel eyes on us, but I brushed it aside. When I got to my locker I turned towards him, “so…see you later” I said, but he didn’t move.

“Wait…you are the new next door neighbours my mom has been so eager to meet?” he asked.

“Uuummm…yeah, heard you guys are coming over for dinner tonight?” I asked.

“Yep…my mom told me last night” he said. “but, you know something? I’m kinda glad” he added.

“About what?” I asked him expectantly.

“Just kidding…never mind, see you after school” he said smiling as he turned to leave.

“I’ve got tryouts after school” I informed him.

“Got no problem with that, doesn’t hurt to wait, doesn’t take more than an hour, we live next door to each other after all” he said grinning at me.

“Alright, see you later” I said blushing…hoping he didn’t see that.

Readers should not that this book is fully fictional.

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