Winsala Muses Poetry and Short Prize.


The WinsalaMuses Monthly Poetry and Short Story Prize Submission Guidelines

The WinsalaMuses Monthly Poetry and Short Story Prize is a monthly award for emerging African writers organised by the editorial body the company that is sponsored by administrative head of the company. This idea is spurred in order to give voice to budding and established writers and to act as incentives for more literary production.

Entrants must be entering a previously unpublished work as at the time of the submission, resident in an African country. A work will be deemed published if it has been seen in an anthology or any social media. Any questions of eligibility shall be resolved by the judges and their decision is final.

Entries must be submitted online, by emailing them to as attachments (not in the body email), clearly labelled in the subject: For example; August (Month) WinsalaMuses Short story (or Poetry) Prize Submission. The writer must include in the body of the email, a maximum of 100 word count biography, which should include his/her country of residence, legal name and pen name (where applicable) email address and telephone contact.

All entries must be in English language and 2,500 – 3,500 words count for short stories and a maximum of 20 lines for poetry. Entries should be attached in Microsoft Word formats, with the title of the story or poem as the file name. The first page of the story should include the name of the story and the number of words. The entry must be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing. The name of the writer should not be made in any part of the work except where stated in the contest guideline.

The deadline for receiving entries will be on the 20th of every months, at 11:59pm. Each entry shall be acknowledged independently by email that will show a successful entry by the writer.

Two (2) works will be shortlisted in each categories where the ultimate winner will be announced at the same time.

The shortlisted works will be offered a contract of free publication with the company for a period of one month while the ultimate winner of each category will be offered an additional two months contract of publication and a certificate of merit through electronic medium.

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