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Tope Ashaolu Collections.

Tope Ashaolu Collections.


Tope Ashaolu Collections.

Tope Ashaolu Collections.


Johnson Victor Oluwatobi.

Tope Ashaolu collections of Poetry is a product of passion that is converted into words and it’s worth knowing to every group of individuals notwithstanding the Race, country, culture e.t.c.

That a Poet could dive into the metaphysical world with the intangible is a result of relentless pursuit of a better way to live and live again.

As the poet reveals poetry as a way of life, an art, a religion, and an afterlife.
With detailed knowledge that are derived from experience Tope Ashaolu present poetry in a more Empirical way, and by the same time as a normative process.

The main purpose of literature is to preach good morals, Tope Ashaolu in his collections present lots of good morals and logical ethics that are proved to be helpful to individual and the country as a whole.

This book is one that resonates with everyone that want to knows more and is dissatisfied with ordinary things.

And it’s also a key to those who want to open the door to a better view of the world.

This anthology was published by Winsala Muses Book  Publishers.

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